Going on the Back Burner

We’ve entered into the blackout days of BLACK COFFEE. Our esteemed director, Mark, goes under contract with the NFL, not to play in the games, but direct/produce the Thursday night games. So, we have to go on hold until after the Super Bowl. This makes raising funds a little tricky. You can take meetings, make contacts, build relationships, but no one’s really going to let you bank a couple mil for eight months. We can only hope that we can have something earmarked.

Casting also becomes a challenge. Not too many actors are going to hold time for a film that may or may not be ready to shoot come March. But, in that time between now and then, I will get a further education. A doctorate in patience and plotting. I do want to make one thing plain, though:

We are going to make this movie.

Yes, I have said that before. Pretty much on an annual basis. Filmmaking is an extremely slow process. Well, making the film only takes a matter of weeks. Raising funds, getting cast, putting all the pieces into place takes months and, more often than not, years. Black Swan took eight years. We are still only in year five.

The past eight months have served the lesson of waiting. Waiting for actors to respond, waiting for investors to respond. All of this slows the process, but without the actors or the investors, we can’t do much. This is simply the dance that is done. All you can do is keep making those polite calls, sending patient emails, try to make new contacts, forge new relationships, and learn new skills.

The process of making this film, raising funds for it, will continue. My goal is to be in formal pre-production on February 3rd. Until then, here’s a little teaser.


This is what producing a film looks like:


There’s nothing worse than a phone that doesn’t ring, except when an “Unknown” or “Private” call comes through, only for it to be a friend that recently decided to hide his/her identity. (Oh, how I wish we could do Private Call Block on cell phones.) The quiet time that shrouds the entertainment industry from Thanksgiving to after the first of the year and/or Sundance is, well, special. You can almost hear a pin drop. Or perhaps it’s the sound of frustrated tears falling.

While we wait, we are doing what we can. Some of which we can’t because we are waiting for answers, call backs, etc. But, all we need is that one call or email to get everything moving as quickly as we’d like. And we believe that will be soon.

And So It (Really) Begins

I can’t begin to describe how exhausting a fundraising campaign is. Perhaps you can imagine running a marathon for six weeks straight, because that’s what it felt like. Our Indiegogo campaign ended on Monday night at 11:59 PM. I was in bed by 8:30.

While we didn’t quite make our goal, we did gain incredible momentum. Most of that was from the enthusiasm of our supporters. We got contributions from across the United States, from New York to Hawaii, and found ourselves international with backers from Australia, Finland and Denmark.

But now the real work begins. Plan B is fully in action. We are about to go out to our dream cast, have the script out to investors and have every intension of the camera rolling on Black Coffee by the end of February. And that is closer than you think. As the film’s producer, I sweat it out each day, hoping that we got enough done. And, no matter what was accomplished, there’s still a list longer than my art of more to get done. And I love it!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @BlackCoffeeFilm, Facebook and Google+ (+BlackCoffeeMovie) so you can get up-to-the-minute news. Because we are going to be moving at the speed of light to get this done. And we won’t rest until we cross the red carpet.